Summer 2017 is the celebration of our 47th year of rockin' the Northwest! ! !. It promises more great free outdoor family shows, as well as cooking nightclub shows. We'll be back at the Triple Door for a big birthday bash on Saturday, August 19.... don't miss that one! Our summer schedule is posted on our calendar page, with more gigs being added as summer approaches. See ya at the party!
Here's a special treat for all you hard-working, hard-core Cadillac fans...

... and also all the people who don't yet know that you love Jr Cadillac...

Some of our latest, and some of the earliest jr Cadillac recordings... so you can Dance and Carry On!

(All songs and recordings on this page are under copyright by Jr. Cadillac and Great Northwest Record Company. Download a file and enjoy it yourself, but please respect our work and artistic rights. You can link this page from another page, but it is prohibited to link directly to the mp3 files on our server, and it is prohibited to distribute any of these mp3 files in any manner or to link any mp3 files linked off this page from any other page or site. Thank you, and enoy the music!)

First, from our albums, early and recent... "For Sale"...
All Around the World
Raised On Rock
Hey Little Girl
Watching You Dance
Sweet Cucumber
Fast Eddie's
Rooster Walk
River Of Love
Drive On
Louie Louie
Busy Body

...and here's a hot, historic, raw and rockin' recording of Jr Cadillac from March 1974, LIVE at the Evergreen Ballroom, with the inimitable Jimmy Manolides on piano, and guest artist Rube Tubin on guitar. Check it out...

Be My Guest
Sun Gonna Shine
Rock n Roll Shoes
Sea Cruise
School Days
Get On the Right Track
Blue Monday
I Hear You Knockin
Cell Block No. 9
Go Jimmy Go
Sea of Love
Too Much Monkey Business
San Jose
All Around the World
As Long As I Live
Louie Louie
Wooly Booly

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